We believe we are a one-of-a-kind resource for our clients, inspired by curiosity and driven to create value for our clients.  We deliver unique benefits that are anything but “cookie cutter.”

  • Boutique Research:  We consider ourselves a strategic boutique research house – we offer customized services, and our clients work with the owners directly.  When you award us a project, you are assured that your project will be handled with our best talent.
  • Efficient Research:  Due to our low overhead, lack of bureaucracy and usage of the most sophisticated technology for market research, we are able to offer our clients cost and time efficiency.  More importantly, our communication and work flows within our company are so directly tied to the client, there is little need for information transfer among personnel, resulting in lower error rates.
  • Proven and seasoned:  We’ve been around as a company for 11 years now, and our principals have 50 years of market research experience combined.  Our credibility and credentials are built on years of proven leadership, superior projects and successful experience.
  • Clients with Highest Standards:  We have a solid client roster and many repeat clients – some Fortune 500 companies among our most “heavy users.”  The high research sophistication of several clients demands that we perform at top level on every research project.

  • Challenge is our lifeblood:  Many of our clients come to us with their most complex and challenging projects.  They feel they cannot turn to the standard research approaches with those kinds of business questions.  We are experts in all facets of primary research and marketing.  We apply all our expertise to each project to design the best approach and provide the best analysis money can buy.
  • No Cookie Cutter:  We threw out the cookie cutter a long time ago.  We aren’t limited by specialization in one method or a limited research range.  Instead of making the client needs fit our method, we bring a broad toolkit and experience base to address the unique requirements of each project.  We have special expertise in online research, panel management, product testing, qualitative, new product development and brand image research.  We know how each method can best be used and which methods are not appropriate for specific questions.
  • Smart Research:  We are current, resourceful, nimble and ever-evolving.  We have developed new techniques and have a “creative” approach to research.