An integrated, analytic decision-driven approach

The StrataVerve team collaborates with clients to develop purposeful research strategies specific to their industry, products and consumers.

We care deeply about our clients, our work and our profession and remain involved in every aspect of the research process.  It is the same researcher involved in all stages of the process – client interface, proposal, questionnaire writing, tabulation and analysis.  When the project is complete, we know the data and the insights inside and out.

We listen carefully to our clients and their consumers, drawing on years of innovation and experience. We build upon an integrated, analytic, decision-driven approach that is guided by human intellect and passion for knowledge.

We interpret the relationships in the client/product/consumer equation to create stories and images that point to actionable conclusions.

We realize that research timelines can delay revenue streams.  Always, we strive to offer tight turnaround on projects and meet or improve upon deadline promises and cost estimates.  Many clients come to us for faster turnaround times than they can get elsewhere.   We have delivered some projects within a couple of days.

Our efficiency is built on a “zero bureacracy” research structure.  As only 1-2 researchers are involved, there is no time lost or error introduced in handing off stages of the project to different people.   Even the guy who programs your survey is a founding partner – he knows both the programming and research implications while programming, enabling us to smooth the respondent experience and deliver results more accurately and efficiently.

Youssou Ba Expert

Founding Partner Youssou Ba is a rare expert at the juncture of technological skill and research savvy– making sure a survey’s technological programming and information goals complement rather than hinder each other.

WHAT does StrataVerve do?

StrataVerve handles all aspects of the research from start to finish, whether it is a specific research project or an entire research program.

StrataVerve conducts various qualitative and quantitative methods, from the exploratory to the product fulfillment stage, providing synergies for the entire project.
StrataVerve uses cost effective, state-of-the-art Internet research techniques to field studies on our sophisticated platform tool (Confirmit).
StrataVerve uses well established and representative Internet respondent samples, primarily from Survey Sampling International. We also develop or work with smaller, unique panels to gain access to specific consumer niches.
Research time is strategic time. Research timing is key, and we typicall can make turnaround times of 2-3 weeks. If you need something faster – like 48 hours – we have done it and will make that happen.
StrataVerve understands the importance of research customization. We can develop new Internet research tools for you – such as ongoing tracking studies or online mini-panels.
StrataVerve is adept at applying clients’ existing research designs, methods and criteria when continuity is a benefit or requirement. We support and assist our clients in building internal norms and standards, to improve insights and build long-term consumer knowledge.

StrataVerve offers global research capabilities. We have partnered in research in Singapore, Japan, China, Brazil, England, Germany, Canada and France as well as the US.

Our unique approaches to methods:

  • Fleet of iPads  to use for Central Location Tests.
  • StrataVerve’s video package and editing capability to bring qualitative research to life in reports.
  • In home product testing – we have a strong, successful track record for local and national product testing in the home setting.
  • Flexible central location product testing in national or regional markets.
  • Shopalongs – Observational and survey research while accompanying respondents during shopping trips.
  • Panel building – we build unique panels for specific industries, companies or brands based on the client’s database of website users, email contact information or external lists.