StrataVerve reveals the underlying story to inform decisions that lead to action.

StrataVerve is a strategic research boutique, developing close relationships with clients and becoming an adjunct member of their marketing team. Our goal is to gather insights, firmly rooted in real consumer perspectives, which drive the business forward to action. Since 2000, we have conducted state-of-the-art internet research for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies, to small start ups, to non-profit organizations. Our senior marketing researchers work through every stage of the project from start to finish, resulting in superior outcomes for clients and respondents alike.

Creating Connection with Insight

As our name implies, StrataVerve was founded on three simple yet critical principles. Dig deep to uncover strategic insight, blend that insight with creative thinking and deliver resulting marketing intelligence with exemplary client service.

– Jennifer Chap, Founding Partner

Sharp Focus on Decision-Making

Clients say that our insights are useful and effective in helping them make calculated business decisions.

We work to truly understand the scope of business objectives, decisions, risks and opportunities before diving into research.   StrataVerve adapts our research and consulting services to the unique needs and marketing expertise of each client.

Award-Winning Execution

Our global sample and platform suppliers give us high marks for survey execution among all their research clients,

We are experts on the best Internet research platform “ConfirmIt,”  and we won an SSI award for survey respondent satisfaction.  Consumers enjoy taking our surveys because we actively manage our surveys to give respondents an engaging survey experience. This is our expertise. StrataVerve uses state-of-the-art Internet research methodologies to field studies on our sophisticated platform tool, “Confirmit.”  Our experience with many types of research approaches enables us to customize survey design and programming to improve the respondent experience.  We make respondent experience a priority – it helps us, our clients and the market research industry retain respondent pools who are glad to give us their valuable opinions.

Integrated Research Solutions

Our clients expect us to offer the right research solution, not one specific method.

We are talented in both quantitative and qualitative research, and we integrate all of these methods to leverage the best information delivery. We believe every puzzle piece is required to understand the whole picture.

  • Strategic analysis of background or previously gathered data is integrated into the research framework.
  • Qualitative flows seamlessly into quantitative, as our hands-on moderating directly feeds our quantitative research design process.
  • Optimal design flexibility is implemented through the ability to work online, offline and in person using sensory and experiential data collection.
  • Robust, implication-driven reporting is illustrated by unique analyses that highlight deeper learning.

Proprietary Mini-Panels

Client mini-panels serve as a “sandbox” or “laboratory” for flexible and cost-effective ongoing research programs.

We help clients feed their customer contact databases into a research-ready panel. We are experts in respondent panel building and management.  StrataVerve offers a turn-key system that builds from specific client needs to create proprietary online research mini-panels that serve as a “sandbox” or “laboratory” for flexible and cost effective ongoing research programs.  This provides for comparative data over time and potential multi-purpose use of assets.

StrataVerve received the 2011 SSI Quest Award for…

Outstanding Contributions toward Advancing Respondent Engagement, Mastery of Survey Creation and Commitment to Optimizing Participant Satisfaction.

– Kees de Jong, CEO, Survey Sampling International